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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It WAS Just a Gum Wrapper!!!

I needed a little box for a bracelet I made for Sue but I didn't have one on hand. I thought I'd dig for one when I got back from shopping but as I popped the last piece of gum in my mouth I thought I would alter the gum box! I wanted to use some decorative paper from the "Candy Lane" package by Stampin' Up! But the pink pieces I had left were too small.

I thought, "it can't be that difficult to make a piece of decorative paper now can it??" I opened up my old Print Artist program and started playing with the lines. And this is what I came up with. It took a little while to do but once I got going on it, it was just a matter of duplicating and pasting. I used the RBG color codes for the Stampin' Up! colors Pink Pirouette, Pretty in Pink and Regal Rose. I have seen several RBG charts with the Stampin' Up! color codes and each one of them has numbers just a little off from the other. I figured these were close enough. They did after all go well with the card stock. Though I didn't use any card stock for the package part. But I did for the birthday card. I made sure I saved this paper to my desk top so I can use it again.

Then I figured I had plenty of time, the sun wasn't quite rising yet!!! So I thought I would do the same style in Bashful Blue, Ballet Blue and Old Olive. I'll show that one to you another day. I printed it out on 28 pound copier paper but I need to get some 32 pound copier paper. The gum wrapper did show through the paper a little. I think the 32 pound paper will be thick enough to cover it better. And the heavier the pound of paper the more expensive it is too!!! I need to do a bit of shopping around before I purchase!!!

I also did the pink stripes vertically too. The first pink ones I did horizontally.

Inside the little box is a bracelet I made for Sue. I forgot to take a photo of it!!!

The little cupcake in the center of the card is from the Stampin' Up! set "Holiday Blitz." I just love that set, it's SO full of fun stamps that pretty much cover the year of events!!! Click on the photo (or any of my other photos) to see a close up. The digi paper looks much better in person. From here you can not see the white stripes in it. But it does show up if you click on it. I have LOTS of plans for this paper!!! As long as there is Pink Pirouette card stock to play with!!! LOL

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mudmaven said...

Very nice! How clever of you. ~chris

Unknown said...

Your box turned out wonderful, I sure the bracelet is a knockout you do such beautiful work.

Erika M. said...

Fabulous idea!

Terry Molineux said...

Wanda what an awesome project. You are really great with the computer aren't you...not me!!!

StampinCathy said...

Wow this is just to cool. You have one creative and inspiring mind.

Anonymous said...

As usual, seeing Wanda's projects in person are 100% better than seeing a photo. The gum wrapper box is so cute! The bracelet is stunning! And the matching card is perfect! Thanks Wanda! Sue Lehrer

Anonymous said...

Such a clever idea!! Love it!! TFS! :)