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Friday, February 06, 2009

Old World Meets New Technology!

Origami is a very ancient form of paper folding. It's been around longer than me and that's OLD!!! LOL Origami has found it's way into the stamping world on many occasions. Mostly in box form and this post is no different. I have chosen a rectangular box to fit with the Sizzix Bag with Scallops die cut.

I used a piece of decorative paper cut 6" x 12". I cut that 6" side down to 3". I ran one of the 3" x 12" pieces through the Big Shot and folded on the score lines. I set this piece aside and I cut a piece off the remaining piece 3" x 3-3/4". I opened up a link and I followed how to fold it. It is VERY easy to fold. The clip isn't very long so I recommend you watch it first and then replay it and fold along with the clip. Remember, the color you want on the outside is the color you have facing away from you when you start.

I taped my box in place inside the bag. I marked the inside with a pencil so I knew where to tape. I couldn't tape the box because it was not firm enough to hold on to while I taped so I found it easier to just tape the insides of the bag. I set the box on the bottom of the bag and lifted one side up at a time and pressed the box in place on the tape. I folded the flap over and was in awe at how cute that little band around the box looked inside the bag. Isn't it cute????

I added a little pre-wrapped chocolate covered heart to the box and folded the bag shut. I clipped it shut for photoing. I am not sure how I want to decorate the outside yet.

There are more ways to use this die cut. Just click here to see them all. Plus there is a shaker box in there because the lable is "Sizzix" and that happened to be one too!!! It's cute but it's not made with the Bag with Scallop die cut. There are 5 other ways to use this die cut. This one makes 6! Do the math, this die is well worth the money with as many things as you can do with it. I am impressed!!!

As with all of my photos, just click on them for a much closer view. Don't look TOO close, I do make mistakes!!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

What a cute project!! Love the to get the die cut!! :)

Erika M. said...

Great idea - mistakes what mistakes?

Unknown said...

This is a great treat bag, another wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Your box is so cute!!