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Friday, February 13, 2009

Trash to Treasure Valentine's Day Gift!!

When the budget doesn't allow for much you can resort to your recycling bin for some fun "things." Things you can now look at in a different light!!!

This is a short can that had sliced water chestnuts in. You can also find this size cans with sliced black olive, diced black olives and even mushrooms. I'm sure there are other food items in the grocery store using this size can.

I did use a Pampered Chef can opener. I believe they are called a Euro can opener. I am betting because they were first used in Europe. They cut along the side of the can and not the top. I find it more sanitary, the lid doesn't fall into my canned food, it just comes right off the top with a nice thick edge that doesn't cut you!!!

I usually rinse them out and run them through the dishwasher if I'm going to be using it for crafting of any type.

I took a scrap piece of my homemade decorative paper and glued it around the can with the Stampin' Up! Anywhere Glue Stick. I LOVE that glue stick for adhering paper to metals!!! It the best I've found for this purpose.

I filled the can with candies and "glued" it on with Crystal Effects. I was using Super Glue but I kept getting it on my fingers. I was able to avoid that by putting a bit of double sided tape on the center of the can lid. I'd add the glue to the rim of the can and then pick the lid up with my finger stuck to that tape I added. I'd push the lid on and set a large punch on top of it to weight it down. While the glue was setting I would do my punches and stamping for the top of the lid.

For the top of this lid I used some words I printed out on the computer, a scrap piece of Pretty in Pink card stock and a scrap piece of Regal Rose card stock. I taped the back of it and stuck it in place on top of the can lid.

I tied a bow around the can and it was done. It's a VERY quick project to do and depending on what you put inside the can, it's a pretty inexpensive one to do too!!!

You give this to that someone special and they can open it with any type of can opener, even a Euro one!!! Aren't they just adorable???

Thanks SO much for visiting today!


Unknown said...

Very adorable indeed. I love it when you do projects such as this. Great job!

Erika M. said...

Precious! Great project idea!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! What a fab gift!! TFS! :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute.. I love re-purposed items. Especially this can! Recipients wonder how in the world the contents were added! Aren't we sneaky little craft-a-holics!!