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Monday, October 01, 2007

Filling Your Blender Pen

Ok, now you have this fabulous recipe for Blender Pen Refill but what do you do with it?

There's a couple of ways you can use it. You can pour a very little bit in a glass votive cup and put the tips of your blender pens in it to soak or you can take your blender pen apart and refill the fiber shaft. This is the most effective way of filling the pen because it lasts longer.

These instructions are for the Stampin' Up! Blender Pens. Both ends of your blender pen come off but it's only necessary to remove one end.

Take the cap off and with a pliers squeeze the area nearest the body of the pen. Pull straight out and set the tip aside. You will want to replace the cover, it will keep the tip from drying out. Tap the pen on your work surface and a white plastic covered fiber filled tube will come out. This is what holds the fluid. Now you can add the refill to this tube. You can add to both ends or wait until it runs out the other end. At this point you have too much in the shaft and you may want to squeeze it a bit so it stops dripping. My bottle has a tip on it which makes it easier to fill the shaft. An eye dropper will do well too. I have even been known to dip my finger in the solution and let drops fall off it onto the end of the fiber filled shaft. Sometimes you just make due with what you have!

When you are done refilling your pen, put the shaft back in the pen barrel. Put the tip back in place (with the cover on) and push it on top of your work surface until you hear it snap back in place. Wipe up your area and wash your hands. By the time you get back to your work area your blender pen will be ready to use.

The recipe for the refill is found on the right side of the blog under the labels "recipe." You can click here to be directed to the recipe.

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ThreadCatcher said...

Thanks for the detailed explaination on how to fill my blender pen. It is just what I needed! Jenny

Anonymous said...

I must have missed what you fill them will. Could you please direct me to the right place to find this "recipe"?