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Monday, October 15, 2007

Stamping on a Pumpkin Tutorial

Yes, you can stamp on a pumpkin. Sort of. I suppose you could stamp directly on the pumpkin using Staz-on but you're limited as to what you can do. I like using the tissue paper method. It's quick and simple and your image turns out wonderful each time.

Here is what you need to Stamp on a Pumpkin:

A softball size pumpkin, size really depends on the size of your rubber stamp

Colored pencils

Tissue paper

Crystal Effects

Craft paint brush (disposable is best)

Black Staz-on ink pad

Using the Black Staz-on, stamp your image on tissue paper. Color it in with colored pencils. You can use markers but you do have a chance of them bleeding in the adhering process. If there is an area that is to be white make sure you color it with a white colored pencil. Just because the tissue is white doesn't mean it will stay white on the surface you're attaching it to. Actually you don't want it to be white, then your edges would show. Once you are done coloring cut the image out. Make sure you cut very close to the edges. The more edge that shows the more it may show on your finished product.

Take your Crystal Effects and brush some on the pumpkin in the area you want your image to go. Make sure you cover the area a little past the size you really need. There is no need to cover the whole pumpkin. Set your stamped and colored tissue paper piece in place. Dip your brush in the Crystal Effects and lightly brush over the image. Don't use a lot of pressure or it will tear the tissue paper. Should this happen take a wet paper towel and wipe everything off the pumpkin and start over. This happened to me once and it was because I thought I could go over the tissue paper a second time without it being completely dry. It was late and I just left it dry on the pumpkin. In the morning I was able to just peel it off. The pumpkin no longer had it's "natural" shine there but that was ok, I was going to cover it again anyway. Is it really a "natural" shine or is it something the seller rubs on to give them a little bit of a shine, like some type of an edible oil you know like the stuff they use on cucumbers?

Ok, once you have a coat of Crystal Effects on the tissue paper you should begin to see the paper slowly absorb it and the edges blend into the pumpkin. The edges will show a little but you really have to look. On the pumpkin with the cat you can see the edges because I didn't cut as close to the edges as I did with the ghost one. I also didn't use brighter colors. The ghost one shows up much better.

This would be a great project for kids to do and for those of us who really don't like to reach in and dig out that "stuff" inside a pumpkin. EWWWWW! LOL

Have fun with this project. Care to share? Just email me with your finished products and I'll post them on here for you!

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Laurie Hines said...

That' cool! I would have never thought of that! THanks.

Scrappychick said...

Cute idea! TFS. We'll have to try some out :)

Cathy M said...

Cute pumpkins. Thanks for the tutorial. It was very easy to follow.

Nikki Bond said...

What a GREAT idea! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I can't wait to try it! {smiles}

Dorothy said...

Wanda - you are just toooo funny! Where do you come up with these ideas - I would have NEVER thought to stamp on a pumpin but I LOVE the idea. I love that you take stamping beyond cards! Love all your 3-d items including this one! Thanks for all the continued inspiration!

Melissa said...

Well shoot! Who knew?! Excellent idea Wanda!

Anonymous said...

Wanda this is great, would be easy for my little one to do she loves to color. Do you suppose Modge Podge would work also?

Judy H. said...

How clever is that!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Judy H.

Hey Hey Paula said...

So clever. I'm going to try this. Thanks for the tutorial.

dasimonds said...

Great Job!!!
I love this!!
I will give this one a try.
Thanks for sharing!!