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Friday, October 12, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!

WOW! Did I ever stir up some horror stories from your past!! Hope you didn't have nightmares from it!!! Even in movies I hate it when someone is being chased. I do like a good scary movie but only in my home on my tv, NEVER in the theater! I'm too chicken to sit in a big dark movie theater being scared and with a TON of strangers sitting around me!! It's scary enough in my home with the lights on and the remote control in my hand!!! LOL

Ok on to the winner of this stamp set. (I did find this set at and it sells there for $17.00+). The winner is: Bev Breisinger and here is her story:

My scariest/funniest was when we worked in an office and all of us dressed for Halloween. We used to stuff my husbands old clothes like Jason hooded sweatshirt/jeans/tennies and set him in the corner or hang him in the stairwell or elevator - everyone had a sense of humor until we had him sitting in the corner next to the mail bins. One day, one of our coworkers took the stuffing out and put on the clothes. He sat in the corner and scared an unsuspected woman coworker. Needless to say I have never saw someone jump so high in my life and I don't think I laughed so hard either. Thanks for the blog candy!!

I'm SO glad I don't work in her office!!! I would be screaming the loudest. But then again on the other hand, if I wasn't the victim I would be laughing the loudest!!! I'm just horrible!!! LOL

SO Bev, please email me and I will get your package in the mail to you.

Thank you all for "playing" but not to fret. My blog is about it hit 150,000 this weekend so there will be more Blog Candy. I have more stamp sets!!!

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