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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

WOW! Another Milestone!

My blog hit 140,000+ hits on Monday! I'm SO thrilled! And you will be too because you all know what that means. Yup. Blog Candy time again. But . . . not this week. Sorry. I am in the process of getting some items set up in queue on my blog so I can have a little R&R this weekend. A hot tub awaits me in Duluth!!! I was told the leaves are almost done changing up there. That's ok. Even if it rains the entire time we are up there, that is ok too. I mean, it's a HUGE hot tub!! I plan on being pruned! I'll step out and add one of the fabulous posts I have set up for you and back in the tub!! There is a wonderful stamping store near the Miller Hill Mall and of course I'm going to have to check it out. My DH will be just fine with it because there is a coffee shop right next door. Give him a cup of coffee and the newspaper and he's good for an hour or so!!! LOL And he never questions the stamping stuff I buy up there anymore. I just say, "They don't have this in the stores back home and he doesn't ask any more questions." Like he's going to go look when we get home!!! LOL If I find anything fun I'll be sure to show you when I get back. But personally, I think I own it all now!!! My workroom is full and I mean full!!! I'm trying (seriously) to use the stuff I have. Imagine that??? What a novel concept!!! LOL I am stamping "things" (everyone should have stamped "things") to work on during the ride up there and back. DH is not big on talking while he drives. SO I need something to do. And what better thing to do than to work on "things" for the upcoming craft fairs. Oh and not to mention the Christmas cards. 130 of them!!! UGH!!! I should have picked one with less pieces. Oh well, too late now to turn back!

I have some wonderful posts coming up for you and you won't even notice I'm gone!

And when I get back I'll put up some Blog Candy to celebrate the 140,000+ hits.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great blog and hitting this huge milestone. Have a great relaxing weekend! :) Happy Day.

Anonymous said...



Jules said...

I can't wait! I hope you have a great time! A hot tub, I am so cold in Montana!

Ijsbeer said...

Congrats with your milestone! Hope you have a great trip!