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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who Knows??

Who knows what is up with the Feedblitz. This is the place where you can subscribe to my blog. It's listed on the right side of this post, near the top. I also subscribe to my own blog to see if and when the emails go out. I didn't see mine in my email this morning. I did see it in the Google Reader though. I also subscribe to my blog through there. It seems that through the Google Reader I get the updates pretty much as soon as they are posted. That's pretty cool. Feedblitz sends out all of them in one mass emailing. Most of the times it works fine but sometimes they have problems. Google Reader on the other hand has not failed yet. I'm still waiting!! LOL

So tomorrow in your email you'll get a few new posts from me!! I've got some fun and informative "stuff" coming up for you this weekend. But ALL of my "stuff" is fun and informative, isn't it?? LOL Ok, almost all of it!!!

This would have been a good time to put up some Blog Candy just for that one day!!!! LOL

Stay tuned for some fun things coming up!
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Jan Scholl said...

I originally had blitz but switched to feedburner-its easier to use and never takes long to add stuff too.