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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cleanliness is Next to Impossible!!!!

LOL It's difficult to keep your stamps 100% clean without spending a lot of money on cleaners that you have to be SO careful with. It's good to be on the careful side with any cleaners but when they require rubber gloves I tend to back off from them. If rubber gloves are needed for my skin, should I be wearing a mask so I don't breathe in any fumes??? Red flags fly there and I look for an alternative.

Here is one of my stamps I just recently stamped with Staz-on ink.

I used this fabulous cleaner that I got for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. I sprayed it right on the Stamp and Scrub pad and rubbed the stamp in it. And as you can see it got it extremely clean. Not brand new clean but pretty darn close. But there is one more step I take after I get it cleaned. I spray my stamps with the Stampin' Up! Stampin' Mist. I don't feel it cleans off the Staz-on very well but it does keep my stamps from drying out. I use it on all of my rubber stamps, including non-Stampin' Up! ones. It's important to keep that rubber from drying out. Once that happens your stamps are no longer any good. You can not bring the stamp back to life either. SO it's best to take care of them from the beginning.

Here's the stamp cleaned up. Not 100% but pretty close!

Take care of those stamps, they are an investment! Plus when you go to sell them, if they look wonderful, clean and not dried out you'll get a decent price for them.

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Jan Scholl said...

if you have an extra scrubber or dish, put some glycerin in it and just stamp your stamp in it and set aside for a while and then tamp off on a towel. way cheaper than any mister stuff and good for rubber.

Nikki Bond said...

Such a helpful tip! Thanks so much for sharing! {smiles}

Jayme Downs said...

Well isn't that a GREAT tip!!! Thanks for sharing that. Because I have some stamps that won't come clean AT ALL what so ever. I'm headed to the store infact, so I'm grabbing a bottle. :) I had no idea that stamps can dry out though. Hopefully none of mine have done that yet. :) Learn something new everyday.

Melissa said...

Fabulous Wanda! I have a Dollar Tree pretty close to me so I think I'm going to check this out!

Dorothy said...

I don't have a dollar tree near me Wanda but I'll look in my local dollar store and hopefully they will have it, too. Thanks for the great tip! I still love, love, love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the $$ saving tip! I'm off to our local $$ store.....

Karen P