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Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Basket of Fun!

These little baskets are from Michael's and they are only 99 cents!! Such a deal! The come complete with a lid! Just decorate them and they're ready for gift giving or selling!

I just covered the top with decorative paper. I used a glue stick to adhere it in place. Double sided tape won't work. Plus the glue stick lets you move the paper around a bit before it sets up so you can get it exactly where you want it. I decorated the top of it with some cute Halloween stickers I got at Michael's too for only a dollar!! There's SO many bargains there! And I tied a contrasting bow to the top if it and VIOLA a cute little decorated basket. This would make a great hostess or customer appreciation gift. I will probably be giving it to one of my lucky stampers next month when they get together here. Shhh, don't tell my stampers the basket is full of chocolate eyeballs!!! LOL I bought this HUGE bag of them in my quest to find eyeballs earlier this month. And get this (ready to gag) they are crunchy ones!!! LOL The bigger eyeballs are fudge filled. Talk about gross!!! LOL I just bought them to have fun finding different ways to package them for Halloween and for October gift giving not for the chocolate. I'm not a big fan of chocolate anyway. It's ok once in a while. My idea of a chocolate chip cookie is one that has 3 normal size chocolate chips in it!! The PERFECT chocolate chip cookie!!! LOL

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Hey Hey Paula said...

So cute. I'm going to M's tomorrow. I think I'll buy a few. They would alter nicely for other occasions too. Thanks for sharing.

Alex said...

Wow! I love this Wanda - gotta head over to Michaels tomorrow and grab some of these before they are all gone (if we have any at all!) TFS - *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Jules said...

I love this basket, so cute! I am laughing about the eyeballs. I need to find some, but haven't, yet! I absolutely love chocolate!

Anonymous said...


C-U-T-E idea! You are just sooooo marvy!


Jennifer said...

That is sou cute! Guess I need to run to Michael's and see if I can find some of those baskets!

Paula said...

Toooo Cute. What a great idea for a small gift to someone. Thanks for sharing.

Corie said...

This is such a cute project -- and 99cents -- I guess I better head over to Michael's

Shelli said...

Excellent idea! Lookout Michael's I may need to find you.