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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SCS 141 Split Coast Sketch Challenge

I am REALLY loving Wednesdays. I forgot all about the SplitCoast Sketch Challenge (SC) until I opened up email this morning. Well, it just made my day. But I had chores to tend to first. Isn't it amazing how fast you can do your work when you have something fun waiting for you?? LOL

You'll have to click on the snowman to see a closer view. The flash really takes a lot away from a card. Though looking at it closer might not help either!!! LOL

I played around with this one for a long time today. I stamped the snowman on the 2" square piece, colored it, sponged the edges only to find out I stamped it straight instead of on the angle as stated on the sketch photo. So I ended up cutting out the snowman and setting it in place. It worked now didn't it???? I did the snowman first and then didn't know where to go with the colors. I'm still stuck on the "in" colors from Stampin' Up! I'm also stuck on snowmen too!!!! LOL And to let you in on something here, I've barely begun to scrape the surface of the snowmen stamps I have.

I printed out the sketch at SplitCoast. It prints out to exact size. This way you can measure fairly close. I used removable double stick tape while I was playing around with the card. I decided I would use black for the card base and then added the Soft Sky color. I was first going to use Soft Sky for the card base but it looked too blah. Changing it to black made a world of difference. Then I cut the layers. I stamped the snowflakes on using a white craft pad and then embossing them with white embossing powder. I taped them in place (with the removable tape) and I looked and looked and looked at it. Something was missing. I took out a paper punch and punched out some white dots to represent white brads and I set them in place. After looking at it I realized that was exactly what the card needed. So I took out the Mat Pack and punched the holes and inserted the brads. I covered the brads with a piece of scrap card stock and took a pliers and flattened them down a bit more. I used the Sticky Strip tape over the brads. Regular snail tape doesn't stick well to the brads, especially the big ones. But before I did that I tied on a piece of white taffeta on the upper part of the small strip. I then taped the strips in place and the snowman layer on top. I set it up to take a picture. I took several pictures and noticed something was odd. I forgot to tape the large Soft Sky piece to the card with regular stick tape. LOL SO as I was taking pictures it was slowly slipping off. I take the card and tape it like it should have been taped and then took the picture you see here. Active brain cells are hard to find!!! LOL

Both the snowman and snowflake stamps are by Hampton Arts. Doesn't Hampton sound like a good name for that snowman??? LOL

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Heather P. said...

Hampton the snowman... LOL, too cute! :)

barb said...

Cute card! Love your perfect layers, too. Do you use the Perfect Layers tool? I'm addicted to these In Colors also. Perfect match for Hamilton, I'd say ;) !!

Ijsbeer said...


Diane Gilbert said...

Wanda, this is really cute! I LOVE everything about it!

dasimonds said...

Snowmen are my favorite!
Love your card...You found the perfect paper..great colors..
and great snowman stamp!
The layers are perfect..really makes everything stand out.

Anonymous said...

I love this card, very nice job. Cute Snowman!