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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is It Cheating?

I had purchased these adorable rub-on's at Michael's. Is a "rub-on" stamping. NO. But the background is stamped using the new "Sanded" background stamp. So there is a little bit (very little bit) of stamping involved. But it's still creating!!! The pumpkins and words have glitter in them and it is MUCH prettier in person. The card front turned out to be more purple than it really is. The color is the Elegant Eggplant. On here it looks a LOT darker. I know you're suppose to take photos in natural light. It's 8:30 pm. There is no natural light out there right now!!! By the time I get around to taking my pictures it's usually dark outside! I don't think moonlight is bright enough to help either!!! If you click on the photo you can get a closer view of the card. This works with all the pictures on my blog.

It was a fun and quick card. Though I do prefer to stamp and color myself but once in a while it doesn't hurt to give something different a try. The best thing about these rub-on's is they were only $1 and there's still three more little pumpkins and the words "Trick or Treat" left on the sheet. If you need a REALLY quick card rub-on's will do. But technically it's stamping. It's a fine line here. These are ok for scrapbooking but you're crossing the line a bit on a card. And I crossed that line!!! And I'll do it again!!! LOL

Tomorrow I'll post a "real" card!!! LOL

Tucked deep inside this post I'm adding this little line to see if you REALLY do read the entire post!!! So tricky, huh?? LOL Angel didn't come forward with the blog candy so I'll be putting it up for dibs tomorrow!! I know you want it!

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Jan Scholl said...

I bought so many of the one dollar things yesterday. I dont think I have to stamp to create. In fact when I am in a hurry, it really doesnt matter as long as I finish what I started.

Corie said...

Of course it is not cheating -- this is so adorable.

jodene said...

Well. I think it looks great!

Alex said...

Cute card Wanda, even if there IS no stampin - LOL! I do love that background though, it really adds a lot. *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Rebecca said...

Hey, a cute card is a cute card. I'm willing to use anything at hand to get an acceptable card. I haven't done too much with stickers yet, but may have to add some to my supply stash. Cheat on, if that's what you call it. I call it being versatile.

Rebecca said...

Not sure my first comment was accepted, but wanted you to know it is not cheating, it's called versatility. I think anything you do to get a nice card is just fine, and...this certainly is a nice card. I'm putting stickers on my supply list since I haven't done much with them before. This may have convinced me to use them. Thanks!