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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Still Messin' with the Soup Can Theme

I'm still messin' with the Soup Can theme!!! These are some fun tissue holders I made. I've made tissue holders and posted them on my blog. Just look to the right in the "labels" column and you'll see "tissue holders" and click on it. I have the link and you can just click here too. The pattern link is in the details of one of the other tissue holder posts. It's a very simple pattern. It has a bit of scoring to do but not difficult. It only takes a half a sheet of card stock so it's a pretty profitable item to make and sell!

I REALLY like this tissue holder. I think it would be great to have it go along with the soup can and the soup can card. All of it would make a wonderful gift for someone not feeling very well. I know I'm going to be making a LOT of these to sell at the fall craft fairs!

The stamp sets I used here are as follows: All in a Row, Curvy Verse, Circle of Friendship and Sincere Salutations. You will also need black ink, white embossing powder, brushed silver card stock, a scrap piece of white and black card stock, white and red card stock. A little tape and glue stick and you're good to go!!!

These are a LOT of fun to make. They are SO cute and the possibilities of what you can do with these is endless. I will post yours here if you email it to me!! Be creative and have some fun with these!!!

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ktstamps said...

AWESOME! I love your blog! Thank you for making my life full with all you wonderful art and stamp camp projects. kt

Angel said...

WOW... I love this!!

Corie said...

OH my what a FANTASTIC idea -- you rock!

Anonymous said...


Trish D said...

OK, I didn't think the soup thing could get any cuter, but this is absolutely marvelous!! I definitely need to make a few of these to keep on hand (and perhaps just leave them in my car so I can actually give them out to sick friends!!)

Kristina Lewis said...

You have mastered this look! I just LOVE it! I would also love to see how you do it! Do you have a template we could see?

ct said...

This is so cool! I am unable to access the template though, guess I don't have enough privileges at Splitcoast Stampers - any chance you can email me the template?

Great creativity!