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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Flap Over Flap

This is a fun layout to try. I've never made one like this before. One of my stampers, Mary (you know how I don't like to use names here!!! LOL) made some cards with this layout. I just LOVED it and the card design she did. SO of course when I saw this stamp I immediately thought of that layout since the design area of this card was about that size. The "Love & Joy" set is a bit limiting. There really is not a whole lot you can make with it, though I do love those little stamps that are in the set. I would suppose they go inside the "O" of the Love and the Joy stamps.

This is an interesting card to put together. That little flap needs to be added before you lay that Bashful Blue layer on. Did I remember that when it came to put it together? Of course not!!! So I had to pull the side up a bit to get it in there. UGH!!! I do stuff like that every time. I'm either getting too old to retain any information anymore or too anxious to put the card together that I forget these things.

And you look at this card and think "not another snowman!" LOL I don't have anymore snowmen coming up for a little while. I do have a Santa on the way and in the form of a tutorial too!!! WOW, lucky you!!!

I do like the card but it's not in the running for our Christmas card this year. I don't want to be too frustrated pulling back edges on each card I put together. By the time I'd remember to add it before I tape the layer down it will be the final one. That's how things work out for me. Murphy's Law. Hey, who is this Murphy guy anyway? I kind of feel sorry for him!! LOL

I should add that the snowflake background on this card was done using glossy card stock and embossing on it with the VersaMark pad and using clear embossing powder. Then I sponged Ballet Blue ink over the top of it. In real life it has a nice shiny look to it. It is almost impossible to photograph it (for me that is) without a HUGE glare.

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Ijsbeer said...

I love seeing all your snowman cards! They are fun.

Looking forward to see the santa ones too. I love everything santa because my parents have collect everything santa since before I was born. Our house is full of santa with christmas. lol.

Alex said...

Great snowman card Wanda! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

barb said...

Love this and all of your snowmen cards! I'll have to try this flap card... looks fun. tfs

jodene said...

Love this stamp. Another great card!

Dawn Wheeler said...

Fab card ,i must start mine ,Dawnx

Jules said...

I loved all your snowmen cards. I will have to try this, also. Thanks for your creativity, for all that you do!

Paula said...

To cute. And we won't use names Wanda. LOL! Keep up the good work. Rubber Hugs