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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Work In Progress

This has been a work in progress. I think what takes the longest time to do a memory album is getting the photos in chronological order. Once I got the photos in order and set on the pages, actually doing the pages doesn't take very long. Well then why isn't the book finished yet???? I've got my hands in too many other things. But like the other things, I pick away at them and eventually it all comes together and I will have to find new things. I wouldn't want to get bored!! Bored? What's that?

I found this book at the local dollar store. It already had the holes cut in the front of it. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it or if it was the book I really wanted to use for my memory album. But once I found that quote I used I knew I was glad I spent the dollar on a book I'd never read!!! If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can read the quote. I think it was a self-help book. I didn't really pay attention to what it was, I just liked the cover. There was a pretty sunset in the large part and the word "Hope" in the smaller part.

Now when I saw these being done on the Internet somewhere they showed you just adding card stock, papers, embellishments, etc. to the pages. And if the book was getting too thick you just took out some pages. That book they were using was a hardbound novel type book whereas this one is a spiral. What I found here was that if you use the new spiral hole punch by Stampin' Up! and then go over each hole with the small square punch it fits the spirals with the square holes. I go over the holes because they are just a little bit too small and the first punch keeps the holes straight. The pages can be removed but are not loose in the book and won't pull out easily. They have to be intentionally removed. I actually removed the pages that were originally in the book and replaced them with card stock. I used the Anywhere Glue Stick by Stampin' Up! to glue the pages together when I was ready to put them in the book. I carefully pushed each tab into the spiral slots and the page was finished.

I still have a number of pages to go but like I said I pick away at it now and then and eventually it will be finished. It's fun to look back at old photos. I wanted to get this posted because this decorative paper will no longer be available after June 30th.

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June Houck said...

Wonderful! I bought a book for this very purpose, but it is still sitting on a shelf in my craft room. Thanks for the inspiration!

Michele Kovack said...

This is really wonderful! You are doing a great job....

Diane said...

What a wonderful project,it will be gorgeous by the look of it!TFS!

Unknown said...

Great project idea, I love Recollections paper, sad to see it go. But I was happy to see a blue and green version in the new cattie. Great job!