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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend Project Ghiradelli Holders Pattern/Tutorial

Well, if this works out the way I planned it you should be seeing the basket of Ghiradelli Holders and reading this!! *crosses fingers*

I had to run out but I didn't want my post to be late so I did a rough draft and left.

I am still in the process of using up my retired decorative papers and ribbons. It's unreal how much ribbon is on a spool from Stampin' Up!

You can see one of the holders is open. This gives you a better view of what these are like. I need to get a pattern drawn up and posted for a better visual but I can give the written directions and measurements for this fun project. When I post the pattern I'll have a picture of just a single holder.
Cut your card stock or decroative paper 6 1/2" x 6 3/8". You are going to score your piece as follows. Score your piece with the 6 1/2" side at the top. Go from top to bottom and on the left side, score at 2" and then again at 2 1/4". Turn your paper around (upside down) and score the right side the same way. Now with the 6 3/8" side at the top score your paper at 3" and then again at 3 1/4". With the 6 1/2" side at the top you will be cutting away the bottom right and left side. Follow the score lines. You will be cutting away the score lines on the bottom right and left side so at the bottom you'll just have a 3" x 2" piece left. At this point you will have two small score lines in the middle of your paper plus the score lines on the upper part of the paper. Fold the score lines inward and make a firm crease. Fold the center piece in first and then the piece on the right. The piece on the left is the front of the holder. Don't tape it yet. You will want to take a circle punch and make a half a circle on the upper part of the right side. Fold the right side in over the top of the center piece and with a pencil trace the half circle onto the center piece. Open it up again, line up the pencil lines and punch out that half circle.

With some of the holders I made I used up some of the "in" colors of card stock and on the front I cut a 2" x 3" piece of decorative paper for decoration. I did make one holder with a 12" x 12" piece of decorative paper but you only get one per sheet. I taped the decorative paper to the front of the holder and then I taped the holder together. I just added tape to the upper right piece (on the inside). You may need to fold it all together again to see where the tape goes. Press the tape to the center piece, which at this point is folded to the center. Fold the left decorated piece over the top of that (no tape) and while holding it add your the Ghiradelli square. Now tie it shut with a ribbon. You can add words to the inside if you wish, depending on what the occasion is that you are making these for.

I will post a diagram and a single photo of the holder tomorrow after I draw one up!

Thank you for stopping by!

Pattern and photo in the process of being added


Cafe Ink said...

These are so cute. Once again you have the great ideas. Lucky us.
BTW I received my great box!
Thank You for the fun Blog Candy!

Charmaine G

Michelle Tweedy said...

Very clever! I've never seen these before! I have tagged you. Check out my blog for the details.

Melissa said...