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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Keep It Clean!

Tonight I'm going to post a tutorial on what to do with that stained mat from your Stamp-A-Ma-Jig.

Believe it or not I actually used Staz-on ink on my mat. Me use Staz-on?? It seems to be the only black ink I've been using lately. And of course because I use it so much I didn't give it a second thought when I pulled out the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig and stamped the image on it. I went about my card making business and when I finally got around to cleaning up, well, that's when it dawned on me I used a VERY permanent ink on this mat. So in my infinite wisdom I got out the stamp cleaner and nothing. I used rubbing alcohol and nothing. I got out the Staz-on cleaner and it got some of it off. Then I got out the Mr. Clean Eraser sponge. Oh my, what a wonderful little cleaning item this is. I love it in my kitchen and now I'm loving it in my workroom too!!!
If you click on the first photo you will see that behind the cake is a hit of some flower stain on there too. Now look at the last photo. It even got that too. And no, it's not hidden behind the box!!! The mat is like new and ready for anything I have to stamp on it!!! And there were no chemicals involved. Just a little bit of elbow grease, not much. Gosh, I think the makers of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser should send me a free one or at least a coupon!!! LOL
I hope you find this information useful!
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Susie said...

Thanks for that tip! I have several sheets that could use a vist from Mr. Clean. You always have such good info - and lovely, lovely stamping.

Anonymous said...

Non-acetone nail polish remover works like a dream. Make sure is it NON acetone.

Kimberly in AZ

Denise said...

This is great info! I've used StayzOn on my stamp placement pad, too and have used this stuff called "Ooops" to clean it. OoOps is great stuff, cleans up dried paint and lots of other messes but it leaves an awful smell. Of course I wash the board after, but the Mr Clean pad sounds so much easier. Plus I could leave it in my stamp room so that's a big bonus, too!
Thanks, Wanda!

Vicky said...

Thanks for sharing that great tip Wanda, I'm off to get some magic erasers! Vicky

June Houck said...

You are so smart! thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that tip. I have a sheet with a permanent stamp on it. I will get out the Mr. Clean.


Corie said...

Thanks for the tip!! I love Mr. Clean pads, but I never thought of using them for my projects.

Gerrie said...

Great tip! Thanks for sharing.
The waterless hand cleaner takes it off your fingers nicely too.

Anonymous said...

I am coming to USA in September, I will have to get myself some Mr Clean.