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Monday, June 25, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now

I was playing with the Classic Pickups tonight and decided to finish up a project I had started a while ago. These are fun to make and serve a purpose too!

These are used for wiping the film off the inside of your car windows. They work great for that too!!!

They are a regular chalkboard eraser. I stamped and layered the image of the long vehicle on the eraser. I also covered it with clear contact paper. I didn't want the ink to end up on my hands should my hands be wet. Then I printed the header on the computer and stamped another vehicle image on the front. I put the erasers in a baggie and added the header. They are now ready for gifts and all I need to do is add the Stampin' Up! copyright stamp to the back and they are ready to sell.

It's a quick project and a good seller at craft fairs. I am hoping that Stampin' Up! will have another vehicle stamp to take the place of this one. I'm not done with my vehicle stamping ideas!

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Gayle said...

very cute, but I have a question. What are these for? Now I know they are to erase chalk!! ;-)lol, But I am guessing there must be another use for them given the car theme!

dasimonds said...

Great Idea Wanda!!!
CASING...Thank you for sharing!!