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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Make Your Own Matching Stamp

I saw this tutorial done awhile ago and I thought it was a great idea. I need to give this a try. But I had tossed out the excess rubber and couldn't give it a try. While cleaning (shocker on the cleaning) in my workroom I ran across a piece of rubber that I had left over from cutting out a larger stamp and I dropped everything and dug out a punch. I wanted to give that technique a try before it totally slipped my mind!
First you take the excess piece of rubber and carefully remove the foam backing. Then you take your punch and punch out the rubber piece. Adhere the punched out piece back on to the foam piece and trim the foam piece.

(Stamping Tip) I use rubbing alcohol on my rubber stamp scissors to keep them from getting sticky and gummed up while cutting out stamps. It also makes cutting the stamp easier too.

Once you have finished trimming the punched out design you are ready to mount it on wood or acrylic and it's all set to use. Now you can stamp your image and punch it out afterwards for some fun and unique cards!

Save that excess rubber and have some fun!!


Melissa said...

Holy moly! What an awesome idea!!

Denise said...

Very clever!
Just what I need...another reason to save what used to be trash!

Anonymous said...

Yes, such a great idea. Do you have a card you can show with the punch and stamp you made?

Vicky said...

Wow Wanda that's a great idea! TFS!! I gave up saving all the little pieces but hang on to the larger ones! By any chance will that flower punch match up with the new Hostess set bundle flower?

Diane said...

Wonderful idea, I seen someone make a collage with rubber scraps also. They had a large wood piece and cut up excess rubber in diff. shapes and sizes,it made a nice background stamp.TFS!!!

Corie said...

Thanks so much for the idea. I better order some stamps to get some rubber.