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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blog Candy Photo

Here's a picture of the Blog Candy I'm offering in celebration of my 70,000 hits!!! WOW! I'm still in shock! That's a lot of hits! And it's all because of you faithful readers.

I'm still waiting for my Subscriber Counter to hit 300 so I can do the Subscriber Blog Candy. I get new subscribers and I lose subscribers. It will eventually hit 300. If you haven't subscribed please do. There's no spams involved in it at all. Just ask anyone who subscribes to these using Feedblitz. You only get an automated email telling you I have a new item posted. Simple as that!!!

Ok, the candy is a sponge, a package of 400 square foam pieces, a roll of double sided foam tape, Bold round rhinestones, Pastel round sticky back rhinestones, Bold square sticky back rhinestones, Pastel square sticky back rhinestones, square antiqued brands, a watchmaker's tin filled with bookplate die cuts (over 50 of them). This package should be lightweight enough to go to Canada without being too expensive. It will help save on postage for the BIG one at 100,000. LOTS of Blog Candy to celebrate that one! A BIG Celebration then!!

Have fun with your guesses. I know the drawing is very difficult. LOL I love it that you are having fun with it!! Please leave your comments here. This will take you to the original Blog Candy post where the named will be drawn from.

Have fun!


Corie said...

WOW you are truly amazing. I love your BLOG

Denise said...

Oh, yummy candy! I'm so enjoying your blog and being able to post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips, techniques, talent and enthusiasm. Great blog and great candy!!

Diane said...

Hey everyone,if you haven't subscribed,you should,I'm already subscribed and it's great to rec. her daily posts from feedblitz!!