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Monday, June 25, 2007

What Is Webbing Spray? Questions & Answers

I get asked a lot of questions on here and I try to reply back if your name has a link to your blog or an email address. When you post a comment I can not reply back to it. I can only accept it or reject it. I will try to answer questions on my blog in separate posts.

SO, if you have any questions you'd like to ask of me feel free to do so and I'll post the answers on my blog.

Okay, onto the webbing spray. Webbing spray is just another type of spray paint but with a special nozzle that makes the spray come out "funny". On my last card post I think it came out rather thick. I'm thinking that may have happened for several reasons. One it was HOT outside when I sprayed the card stock. Two I may not have shaken the can long enough. Three the nozzle may have been a bit clogged (I never clean them off like they suggest you do after each use - sheesh, who has time for that, I want to make the card!!! LOL) or it could have been the can was old.

I found the webbing spray at Michael's and I believe they still have it. I also got it in gold and white. I'm not sure if it comes in any other colors. I haven't found a need for other colors myself. Though I think maybe silver would be pretty. But I have enough projects for now so that thought will have to be tucked away never to be found again. LOL

And the cost . . . I think it was around $5 or $6 per can.

Actually that one was pretty easy!!! Anymore questions?


Sara Paschal said...

Thanks Wanda I am going to check our store when I go on Friday and see if we have it. It would make very cool school gifts for the girls at Halloween time, plus my DD has a BD on October 30th.
Thanks again, you have been one busy woman!

Heather said...

A southern craft store chain called "Hobby Lobby" carried webbing spray as of a few months ago- I bought some in March or April. No affiliation- just someone who looked for webbing spray for months before I found it!