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Thursday, January 28, 2021

January 2021 Paper Pumpkin Alternative Card, Valentine's Day Card

It was Paper Pumpkin day today. I thought I should open up my package and play with the stuff inside. My package/box didn't arrive on time and when it did arrive I realized why it was late. There was a big hole in the side of the box. My address was completely gone but there was a bar code on the package and the package was all taped up.  Who knows what happened but it did arrive and believe it or not, everything was inside undamaged!! So that's the story of my Paper Pumpkin box.  I wanted to find an alternative card to make. Not that the layouts in the kit weren't fine, I just wanted something more. I found a fun video here and loved the card. It's easy to make and cute too.

The base of the card is one of the striped cards from the kit. I cut off the right side on the front about 1-1/4".  The video said about 1-1/2" and the strip was used for another card. I didn't say on the video long enough to see what was done with that strip. I will watch the remainder this weekend. But I did save that strip. I hope it was 1-1/4".  I thought 1-1/2" looked too wide.

So then you will need a 7" x 4" piece of Poppy Parade card stock and fold it in half at 3-1/2". You take this piece and you fold it in half. You tape it to the inside of the card but you want this piece to have it's opening on the left and the fold on the right.  Opposite of what a regular card would be.  Then you tape it to the inside of the cut card from the kit. I did this before I added the heart piece, just in case I taped it on the normal way. Easy to do when you make a card every day. But I got it right.

Next I stamped the heart inside the gold foil heart using Poppy Parade ink. The ink cube came in the kit. I set it up in my Stamparatus so I could make sure I got a nice solid image. I was glad I set it up in there because my ink pad was a bit dry.  I got a solid image and I then taped the black scalloped edging to the back of the piece. The edging is part of the kit too.

The piece was then taped to the front of the Poppy Parade piece.

The "Love" from the kit was added with Dimenisonals (included in the kit) and the card was done.

So darn cute!!  Easy to make too!

Thank you SO very much for taking your time today to stop by and have a look,                                    Wanda

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