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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Valentine's Day Gift for You!

This is just for you!!!  You can download this photo and use it on the background of your Valentine's Day cards!  

I had taken the candies and set them out on a piece of copier paper.  I even got hung up on the paper and it went flying off the table along with the candies.  I wasn't all that upset about it, personally I don't care for the taste of these things.  As a kid I never liked them and as an adult I have not tried the.  I can only assume they taste as nasty as they did when I was a kid.  I remember the bitter taste of the red dyed words.  YUCK!!  Anyway, I picked them up off the floor, arranged them on the paper and took several photos.  Then I tossed the whole mess in the trash!!!  I just wanted to make that perfectly clear in the event that I had given some candy hearts to anyone this year!!!  You got the new, clean, fresh ones!!!

Here is what I did with the photo.  I not only used it on the cover but I also printed it out on a label sheet and wrapped it around the lip balm!  Use your imagination and have fun with this!

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C.Good said...

Very cute and creative.