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Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Relaxing Valentine's Day Gift

This gift has absolutely NO candy in it!  It contains some bubble bath and bath fizzies, a scrungy scrubber thing and a wash cloth. Everything in it is in pinks, rose and red colors!  With soapy stuff in it you certainly don't want to add candy to it!

That reminds me of my purse.  I have a zippered part on the outside of my purse and I would keep my lipstick, a small bottle of perfume, gum, antacids, and my nail file in there.  I always kept those things in there.  Always until one time I went to grab an antacid and it tasted like perfume.  GROSS!!!  I would rather have the acidic stomach!!  The taste of perfume in your mouth does NOT go away for a long time.  Now I keep my gum and my antacid in the front pocket along with my cell phone.  So my cell phone smells like wintergreen. It beats the taste of perfume!!

Ok, back to this project.  I got this cute bucket at The Dollar Tree.  I put a little bit of paper crimps in the bottom (also from The Dollar Tree) and added the cute items as you see them.  It's a simple and easy to make gift.  I know my friend is going to love it.  And she needs it too.  Not that she is dirty!!!  LOL  She needs the relaxing part of it!!  Silly you for thinking that!!! LOL

I just need to make a card for her and it's all set to go!

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Runs with Scissors said...

What a cute and thoughtful gift. Who couldn't use a little pampering? By the way, how sweet was your perfume flavored breath? LOL