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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day and Chocolate too!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! This is what hubby got today.  He is such a chocolate hound!! I have never seen a guy eat as much chocolate as he does.  I like it once in a while but not like he does.  My idea of a chocolate chip cookie is one that has only one chocolate chip in it!!! LOL  When I am finished baking I always state, "this last cookie is mine."  It usually has only one chocolate chip in it.  Funny thing here, everyone is fine with it!!! LOL  Anyway, I bought hubby one of these larger candy bars and I thought I would dress it up for Valentine's Day.  We did tell each other that we were not going to buy anything for Valentine's Day.  I told him I bought it so I could decorate it and show it off on my blog!!! LOL  Dressing up candy bars is such a quick and easy way to alter them and give them a personal touch.  These are fun to do for showers, Christmas, Easter, Birthday's, Graduation parties and of course Valentine's Day.  Or whatever other occasion you can think of.  I just think it's fun, quick and easy to do.  My niece is getting married in December and I am thinking of making some fun candy bars for her bridal shower!  Oh, you know me, I'll share them with you when I am done making them.  I suppose I could start the wrapper early and wait to buy the candy at a later date.  I did find the wooden candy bar I made years ago!!  I had taken a thin piece of craft wood and cut it the size of a candy bar so I could make wrappers.  Bag them and add chocolate later!!!

Anyway, when hubby gets home he will have his chocolate fix!  Hope you all enjoyed the day!

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Unknown said...

Tell your DH that I am also a chocolate hound, LOL;) Love it! Great little wrap!