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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Card Holder

 Well, I took the card from yesterday and ran with it.  I thought I would make my trusty card holder.  I have made TONS of these holders and have sold them with 4 cards and 4 envelopes inside.  I like to decorate the front of them with the same papers used on the cards.  To see the original card that inspired the box look, click here

First I made the cards.  I just copied the one I made yesterday.   I did use the "Sincere Salutations" set for the words.  I should have taken a photo of one of the cards showing the words, silly me!  I used the "Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You and Thank You" from that set.  That set is one of my favorite word sets.  I've had it for MANY years and each year I am thrilled that it is still in the catalog.  I just love it that I can make a set of cards exactly the same except for the words.  These words are all on the same size blocks so they are about the same size in rubber form.  That allows me to use the same space on each card to make it a "different" card just by changing the words. 

After I made the cards I stamped the envelops and then I went to work making the card holder.  This is a fun card holder that I designed.  What I like about it is, it opens up easily and closes into the card holder piece you see in the first photo.

The second photo shows what the inside looks like with the top opened half way.  And the third photo shows what you see when the entire piece is opened.  

See the magnet at the top in the third photo?  It shuts tightly with the magnet.  I LOVE that about this card holder.  It stays shut and the cards don't fall out because the sides are contained too!  I have gotten a lot of comments on it and I've sold a lot of them too.  They are easy to make and I have had good luck selling card sets at craft fairs. 

This holder keeps 4 cards and 4 envelopes nicely. I think it may even hold 6 if there isn't a lot of layers or bulky accessories on the cards. 

You can find the card holder in my web store.  Just click here to be directed to it.  And it's still on sale too!  It is a PDF file so once you pay you will get an email with the download info on it so you can get working on it right away!  These make a GREAT Stamp Camp item!  You are allowed to make and sell as many of these holders as you wish too!  There is no limit on the pattern!

I am going to use this one for a gift. But I just got another pack of the Spice Cake decorative paper (I won it.  It was the grand prize at the Stampin' Up! open house I was at last weekend.  Lucky me!!) so I will be making another one because I LOVE these colors and I also love the layout of the card.

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Unknown said...

this is going to be a CASE for me, I love the styling of this holder. Wonderful job;)