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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For the Boys!

I find myself always making "girly" things and once in a while tossing in a masculine card that we all ooh and aah at because they don't show up on blogs much either!  Today I thought I would make something for the boys!  I wanted to stick with the Valentine's Day theme so I just toned it down a notch.  Instead of the lacy scallop I just went with a solid scallop on the top to give it some character.  The lacy was just too "girly!"  The background is wheeled on using Pirouette Pink ink and the "I {Love} Love" jumbo wheel.  Now I did use pink and that is not a boy color but I did have to stick with the Valentine's Day theme, that is why I chose the lightest pink.  It's on the background so it is a soft subtle look.  And the front is just a red heart (which is acceptable by both make and female - on Valentine's Day!) and the words "Be Mine" were just enough. Nothing mushy, just typical of the day!  I did the words on the computer.  I printed out a full sheet of them so I'm good for several Valentine's Days to come!!!

Inside these fun little notebooks are dinosaur puzzles and games. I got them at Oriental Trading.  These can also be altered and used as stocking stuffers too! There's 3 or 4 different puzzle/game notebooks in the box.  I have extra so if you want to buy some (CHEAP) just email me.  I need to get some of this "stuff" out of my workroom to make room for new "stuff."  One can never have enough "stuff" can they?  Oh wait, I do know they can.  I watched that TV show "Hoarders" and know that some people can collect a LOT of stuff.  I get the hoarding of "things" part but I don't get the garbage part.  Why can't they through out what is obviously trash? Trash can be dumped anywhere.  There's the neighbors trash can (on garbage day - in the middle of the night or after the leave for work!!! LOL) or when you are out and about buying food, every store has a garbage can outside their doors.  Anyway, I do realize you can have too much stuff. SO that is why I'm trying to get rid of some of my stuff.  Out with the old and in with the new, an even balance is good!!! LOL

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