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Friday, February 03, 2012

Labeled LifeSavers Valentine's Day Treats

These fun little treats are easy to make and would be a great thing for the kiddies to pass out to their friends.  Pop a few in the mail box for your mail carrier!  A great little tasty treat to set on the teacher's desk or the desk of your co-workers.  They could be fun for a Make N Take, Hostess Appreciations, Customer Appreciations and change the theme and they even make great Stocking Stuffers at Christmas time!  These are even something the kiddies can help make.  They don't require any tools other than punches.  You just print out the words and the card stock is ready to punch.

I punched out the labels and scored them in the middle on the long side.  I folded them in half.  On the word side I added the hearts.  It is hard to see in the photo but the hearts are white with pink center and pink with white centers.  I used Glue Dots on both sides of the label to attach the LifeSaver and that was it.  It's a quick thing to make and these can be used for SO many occasions.  I am thinking I may make some of these in all the colors for a bridal shower for the favor bags for the attendees.  If I make them I will be sure to show you!!

Well, I think I covered everything I can on these.  They are quick, simple and cute!!  They are going in the Valentine's Day basket for my friend.  And I think that just about fills it up!  Finally!!!

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Terry Molineux said...

What a cute idea love I! Will have to give it a try....

Bebe said...

Adorable. Why is it we like tiny little things??

Just a note that is now I've bought a lot of bags from them and they are really nice to work with.

Mary said...

These are cute, quick, easy and low cost, win-win all the way around!

Anonymous said...

So Cute and easy! Thanks for sharing.