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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Valentine's Day Basket

Ok, here it is!! The Valentine's Day gift basket with all the things I've been working on and sharing with you these past few weeks!!!  

I did fill the bottom with Mylar crimps but those things just flatten out.  I prefer paper crimps, they stay a bit puffy and fluffy.  But the Mylar ones are ok for this because there was SO much stuff to go in the basket that had I used paper crimps all of this stuff may not have fit in it.

To see all the items in the basket you can go to here and have a look.  I went there and I scrolled down and I kept scrolling down and saw things I made several years ago for Valentine's Day too. I forgot some of that stuff and it was fun to see it all again!  Have fun looking!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


christi said...

it has been fun watching your daily posts to see what was in the bascet. glad to see the finished project.

Stampin Deva said...

What a great basket, does one person get all the goodies? If so they are one lucky pup