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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awash With Flowers Birthday Card

So once again it's NOT the Wednesday Sketch Challenge.  I've had such busy weeks lately that I have not been able to participate in them much.  I don't even know what the sketch looks like for today.  I will link up with it later tonight and get it printed out for my album at least!!  

And speaking of sketches, this was one of the Sketch Challenges a while back. I remember doing this one.  It's sketch #269.  And no, I didn't remember the sketch, I did look it up!!! I don't remember anything anymore!!! LOL  Actually, it's not so funny!!!

I had copied this card off the net a while back and I ran across it when I was trying to clean up some stuff on my computer.  I didn't save who originally made it so if you know who did a card close to this one please let me know so I can give them credit.  I did change that piece on the left side.  I used the lacy punch and they had used a scalloped edge punch.  And I'm not sure about the bottom part.  I don't recall if they added any words to it or not. And I believe the original card was done in Bravo Burgundy and I used Cherry Cobbler.

I needed to make a birthday card for my sister.  Her birthday is on March 1st and I, once again am ahead of the game!!!  It's just shocking, I know!!!  But I've done this before and then come June it all fizzles out and everyone gets a card late!  But at least they get a card!!! LOL

I liked how this one turned out and I made a second one so I could have it on hand for my stampers to see.  I have a box on my ledge that I keep the newest cards in and earlier this month when the gals came to stamp they didn't have many to see because most of the cards I made were Valentine's Day ones and I had filed them away in the card drawer.  I NEED to clean out those two card drawers again.  There is a massive garage sale here in May and I might put them in there to get rid of them.  And I will be selling my retired stamp sets there as well.  I need to find some time to just sit down and price them all.  I price them low because I want to sell them.  It's just a matter of sitting down and doing it.  I think I have 3 or 4 bankers boxes full of retired stamps!! UGH!!!  See why it will take some time.  I just don't like to get rid of things and if I keep that up my house could be come a hoarders house!!!  

I hope you enjoyed this card as much as I did making it!  I know my sister will like it!

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Runs with Scissors said...

Great card. I love the diagonal patterned paper, but my favorite part is the punched border that doesn't go from end to end. I never would have thought of that. It is such a cool look.

Unknown said...

Very nice;)