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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy Events Valentine's Day Candy Header

I think candy headers are one of the most funnest things to make.  I have made lots of them and they make wonderful gifts.  I have also used them in craft fairs as well and they have been successful there too.

This one is for a gift.  It's going in that basket of "stuff" I've already made in the past couple of weeks.  I was trying to make a card one day and a gift item the next but the Wednesday Sketch Challenge messed that up!! LOL  But I'm back on track and today is the gift item!

These are very easy to make.  You just measure the bag you are using and add 1/4" to it.  Then you need to figure out what you are doing for the image part and then you can figure out the size of the length of the header.  Remember that the front of the header is the part people see but you need to double that measurement because it folds over onto the back.

A little trick I ALWAYS do when I staple the header to the bag.  I staple it on backwards.  I like to have the smooth bar of the staple in the back side.  That way no prongs stick out to poke fingers or get caught on stuff.  I used Dimensionals on the image piece so the bumps from the staple won't effect it. You can just tape it too but use some really strong tape like Stick Strip or Red Line (it's the same thing). The bumps will show a little but if you are trying to cut corners and save some money in making these then that is what you will need to do!

These would also make great gifts for co-workers, make and takes, customer appreciation gifts, hostess gifts, gifts for the kids and even teacher gifts.  Have fun making them.

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Runs with Scissors said...

WOW! That staple idea is great. This may have been the time for you to add (in the words of my DH) "I'm not just eye-candy" LOL Thanks for you cute bag and great idea.