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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts Weekend Project

 You can make these fun little coffee holders for other occasions than just Valentine's Day.  It's all in how you decorate the outside!  This little holder is actually easy and fun to make!  Now you tell me, you gotta LOVE that, don't you?

And I suppose you'd like the instructions and measurements for this too!  Well ok, since you asked!!!

I began with a piece of card stock cut 2-1/2" x 11"  And I cut my decorative paper 2-1/4" x 10-3/4".  If you have a limited amount of decorative paper then you can just cut out pieces for panels.  You don't have to cover the back side doing that.  I just found it easier to work with one long piece.  It takes less time too.  But in a pinch I would cut pieces for panels to save on decorative paper.

Next you will need to tape the decorative paper to the card stock.  Then you will score the piece at 2-3/4", 3-1/4", 7-1/4", 7-3/4", 9-1/4" and 9-3/4"

Fold on the score lines.  The bottom part of the holder has the most score lines.  You will need to take the Word Window punch and punch between the two end score lines.  I take a piece of scrap paper and punch out the shape.  Then I set the shape where I want it and lightly trace around it with a pencil.  This way I know that I will get the shape cut out where I want it and evenly too!

Once you got the hole punched you can glue or tape the end piece to the inside of the back panel.  You just need to bring that end piece up high enough on the inside back panel until the bottom part forms a nice even square box.  I used Dimensionals to hold that part together.  I'm not sure why I did that.  I think that some Sticky Strip, Red Line tape, Glue Dots or glue would work just fine.  Regular tape runner will not hold this as well.  But that is all the taping or gluing you will need to do to put this together.  You can decorate it if you would like and add a piece of Velcro to the flap to keep it closed.  I decided to make a belly band for the piece.  I just took a 3/4" x 11" strip of black card stock and wrapped it around the box.  Then I folded the edges with a bone folder so they were nice and crisp and even.  I glued the belly band in the front of the holder.  The heart I added covered the seam.  I attached the heart in place with Glue Dots.  

I also wrapped a little band around the coffees too and added a little heart with a tiny pearl on each one.  It just dressed them up a bit and made it look like that was what you wanted to do with the holder!!!  Click on the photo and you can view those little hearts up close.

These are fun to make and they really don't take all that long to do either.  If you decide to make the front a bit more elaborate, then it will take you a bit longer to make.  You can add candy inside or anything else that fits in that slot.  I chose coffee because it's going to a friend who LOVES coffee!  I am going to make her a little basket full of fun Valentine's Day things. So as I make them I will be posting them on here and then adding them to the basket!!  I am looking forward to filling the basket with fun things for her! Stop back to see what else goes in that basket!

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JenE said...

too cute!!

lisa808 said...

Adorable gift. Thanks for the measurements.