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Friday, January 06, 2012

White on White Valentine's Day Card

Oh my gosh, this card nearly did me in.  Have you ever made a white on white card?  Well, I have not and I found it to be quite a challenge.  I wanted SO badly to put Pirouette Pink hearts on the three punched out pieces.  I thought it could use a splash of color.  But then it wouldn't be a white on white card now would it?  

SO I stuck with the theme and kept working on the card.  

I found that quote somewhere on the net and thought it was perfect to add to a Valentine's Day card.  

And since I couldn't add any color I played with texture instead!  I added the polka dot texture to the background and a flower texture to the next small layer under the punched pieces.  I set those punched pieces on with Dimensionals to give it a bit more texture!

When I got all done with it, all I could say was "I pulled it off!"  LOL  It was my first white on white card.  I'm sot sure if I would ever make another one but I am not going to say I won't!!!

If you want a challenge, try a white on white card.  No sponging, no other colors (except for the words)!  Give it a try!

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artfuldelight said...

Beautiful card!

Lynette said...

You pulled it off VERY well - it's gorgeous! I love white on white.

JenE said...

Nicely done!!! Very much pulled must have been excruitating to make!!