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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts Weekend Project

Now I am working with a minimal amount of Valentine's Day stamps here and I am amazed at how many of them I actually have! And they are current too!  Shocker, I know!

This fun candy and header were very fun, quick and easy to put together.  I used the "It's a Wrap Holidays" set.  It has the fun "LOVE" and hearts image for the candies.  You just stamp them on mailing labels and stick them in place. I like to make a belly band with them because it's easier to get the candies open and you don't have to worry about any product use or abuse with the Hershey company.  And if you do make a belly band type "thing" for around your candies then you really don't need the address labels.  You can save yourself some money there.  I tend to use the 28# or 30# copier paper. It's thicker and easy to work with.  You don't have to give a second thought to the wrapper of the candy showing through either.  You can use card stock but be careful when wrapping it around the candies.  You want to do it slowly so the card stock doesn't get too many crimps or extra folds in it.  The nicer copier paper wraps around the candies quickly, easily and smoothly.  It's just my preference.  

Now onto the header.  I used a scrap piece of Real Red card stock (folded in half)  and stapled to the baggie.  Again when I stapled the header part on I stapled it so the smooth bar of the staple was on the backside and the bumps on the front.  No one gets poked and the prong things don't get hung up on anything.  I set the stamped layer on top of the header with some Dimensionals and you can't even tell the staple bumps are there. 

I will now add this to the Valentine's basket I'm making for a special friend!!!  I will show it to you when I feel I have filled it enough!!! I will be doing a bit of stamping for it before I am done!  I know you're anxious to see it completed.  So am I!!! LOL

Have a great day and thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Unknown said...

Wanda, I love the toppers and the stamp used on the candy wrapper. So very cute;)