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Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Weekend Project

I was at Target the other day and saw these adorable little planters with strawberry seeds in them.  Somehow along the way strawberries and Valentine's Day got connected!!!  Though I think by the time you give this as a gift and the strawberry plants are big enough to produce strawberries it will be WAY past Valentine's Day!!! LOL  But it is a fun gift and one that will have fond memories in the summer when the plants are growing and hopefully producing fruit!

I just carefully took the original cover/wrapper off the pot and covered it with some Real Red decorative paper.  Then I took my x-acto knife and cut the openings out, including the slot on the bottom where you slip the flap into.  I glued it to the original cover and when the glue was dry I put it together around the pot.  Then I used one of my flower dies and cut out 4 flowers using white 30# copier paper.  I didn't have any white decorative paper in the naturals pack so this was the best I could do.  I didn't want to use card stock because I thought it would be too thick and heavy.  I did use card stock on the flower petals and the center of the flower.  It was a very quick and simple project to do and it is now ready for the basket I am putting together for a special friend!

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what a cute and quick idea.