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Friday, January 27, 2012

Strawberry Milk Anyone? Weekend Project

 I have a bunch of these little cruet jars/containers.  I had gotten them for a project that went by the wayside.  So I am trying to find different ways to use them.  Any suggestions? I'm open for them.  I think I have 4 dozen of these. I need to fill them with something (I was thinking of bath salts) so I can sell them at the fall craft fair and get them out of here!!!

This one contains strawberry powder to be added to milk.  Like the Nestle Quick stuff but it's Strawberry.

This little container held exactly 2 tablespoons full, which is what the directions say to add to your glass of milk. 

I decorated the jar with some fun hearts I cut out using the new Sizzlet die from Stampin' Up!.  What a fun die that is.  I LOVE all the different size and textured hearts.  I picked out a few and used Glue Dots to affix them to the jar and lid. 
The large heart is also done using a Sizzlet.  When I cut out this one I didn't run it all the way through the machine.  I stopped when I saw the words appear on the opposite end.  I wanted the heart to be like a card so I folded it in half before I cut it.  I didn't quite get it right the first time and since the heart was stuck in the die I was able to put it back in and crank the handle a little bit further to get it where I wanted it to be.  And you can see how well it turned out.

The words inside the heart were done on the computer.  And get this, I got them all liked up the first time so I didn't have to play around with it and realign it.  I added a little heart on the inside from the ones I had cut out earlier for the jar.  I punched a hole in it and tied it to the bow with some baker's twine.  

I thought it turned out cute and it is going in the basket of fun Valentine's Day stuff for a very special friend.  The basket is getting pretty full.  I have a couple more things to make and I think the basket will be ready to add the paper crimps to it and seal it up!  I'm getting anxious to show it all finished (but I have to finish it first!!!).

These cute cruets can be found in the bridal section at Michael's.  Joann's would probably have them too but I had gotten mine at Michael's.  Now what do I do with the other TON of them I have left???

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Unknown said...

This is a great way to use your little jars, love it!

mudmaven said...

So cute. BTW - I got the most fantastic package in the mail today! Thanks so much - you are so sweet. I think these little jars would look great with some loose tea or some of that yummy flavored instant coffee and decorated with some little cups? thanks again! ~chris