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Monday, August 29, 2011

Touch of Kindness Greeting Card

I thought I would play with this stamp set before It retires.  I didn't see it in the new catalog but I have a feeling it won't be in the 2012-2013 one.  I just love this kitty and wanted to make a card using a few images from it.  Well, what a better layout than this to use several images!  There is only a couple of the small word images in this set that I did not use so I am happy to say I was able to actually use the bulk of the set before it retires!!!  

I have used this layout on a card a while back.  I don't use it too often because it takes a while to make because of all of the pieces there are to it.  But when I do make one I am happy with it and don't mind cutting all of those pieces!

And any chance I get to use the Color Spritzer Tool I grab it.  I LOVE using that thing!!!  I did learn that you should never NEVER toss out your old markers.   Yes, even if the tips are smashed down so they won't write at all!  You can take one part water to two parts inker and re-ink your markers.  Then you can use these nice juicy markers with the Color Spritzer Tool!  This also avoids anyone damaging the tip on one of the better markers!  I know, more stuff to keep around the workroom.  But if it's going to save your good markers from getting damaged it's SO worth it.  I like to ink mine up so they are REALLY wet.  They work SO much better in the tool.  A really wet marker is difficult to color with so if it's an old marker then you don't have to concern yourself with the coloring quality!  Anyway, I thought I would share that tip with you.  

I also did a fun thing for the grass on the card.  I was going to be using the "hello" image in the set and I had it out and ready to go. I took the Wild Wasabi ink pad and inked up the "hello" and stamped it and inked it several times under the flower so it looked like grass.  

I have someone special I am going to send this card to.  I decided that I was going to try very hard to mail out a card a week to those special people in my life.  It's sad that months and sometimes years go by that we don't contact our friends (except at Christmas with our annual Christmas card).  I make so many cards and I have 2 drawers full of various cards so it's not like I can't part with some.  And I usually make 5 cards a week and I try to do a project or something else but I do average 5 a week so I have plenty to pick from.  And not to fret if you didn't get a card from me (you are special to me) but I do have a LOT of people in my life and I'm guessing that 52 cards a year is probably not going to cover them all!!!  But my goal is to send out one a week and the first one went out today.  It's a great feeling to do this too!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,


KER said...

so cute...i have never used a spritzer...but you obviously are pro!

good idea to send cards more often too

mudmaven said...

This is just so cute Wanda! I love that set to and will be sad not to be able to use it in workshops. It's definitely staying in my collection though. ~chris

Mary said...

What a wonderful idea on mailing cards to the special people in our lives, your's will enjoy it, I'm sure! Pretty card, I really like that set too!

Anonymous said...

Very cute card, Wanda.

Great idea about mailing a card out each week..... I may have to try that also.


Unknown said...

Love it on the black and the kitty is really cute;)