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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Shot Peekaboo Frames Tag

 This is recycling at it's finest!!!  This bottle use to contain a reed defusing fragrance.  It all evaporated or did whatever it does.  The bottle was empty so I tossed out the reeds and tossed the glass bottle and stopper in the dishwasher.  After it was all clean I set it in my workroom for a couple of months.  Last month I had made some bath salts and added some to the bottle and once again set it aside.  I don't want to rush into a project all at once!!! LOL

Today I was looking at the bottle of bath salts and I still had the "Sunny Fun" set sitting out.  SO I thought some flip flops would go well with bath salts!  I was thinking of how I was going to add it to the bottle.  The "tag"idea came to mind and as I was getting off my chair to pick out some papers I saw the new "Peekaboo Frames" die and thought I would try to make it work for my tag and here you have it.

I cut the round frame out twice, once in white card stock and once in Perfect Plum.  I cut the center part out of the plum colored piece and set it on top of the white piece for an added color frame around it.  I punched out a 1-1/4" circle and affixed it to the back of the tag.  I wanted to be able to open the front piece and have a solid back piece there.  

Next I stamped the flip flops, colored them and cut them out.  I set them in place on top of the flap. 

Inside I added the words "Relax & Enjoy".  I printed out the words on my computer and punched them out with a 1" punch and affixed them to the inside of the frame.  The second photo shows the flap open.  Now with adding that plum ring around the frame it allowed the flap to close again.  They will open and close again but the more you bend that score on the top part of the frame, the more it wants to stay open.  So with two layers for the flap to close into it stays closed!  I found that out by accident!! Don't you love it when you find something great by accident?  That is how most of my stuff is discovered!  LOL

So now it's ready for gift giving or for the craft fair.  I have not decided what I'm going to do with it yet.  But I am glad I got to use the flip flops from the "Sunny Fun" set.  That was one image I hadn't used yet (before that retires too).  

The bath salts recipe can be found here.  I don't usually color my bath salts.  I prefer to keep them white so I can use them with any color tags.  But last month I wanted to make colored ones for some reason.  Probably because I ran across a small bottle of colorant!!  That will do it every time!!!

This was a very fun project to make.  I wish I had more bottles!!  But at least this one was saved from the garbage.  Our city doesn't take bottles like this for recycling. 

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Unknown said...

AWE this is supper fun I love the purple;)