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Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's a Wrap Occasions Hershey Candies Weekend Project

Today's Weekend Project is a fun one.  It is not totally completed because I'm not sure how I wanted to decorate it yet.  I will do that another day and share that with you too.  I don't need it yet so I have time. And yes, I am planning ahead!  Shocker, I know!
I used the "Happy Cake Day" image from the new "It's a Wrap" stamp set.  I'm having a lot of fun with this set.   I posted some of these a couple of weeks back.  They were the "Thanks SO Much" ones.  You can view them here.  You can also find great tips and rules on wrapping these candies.  Hershey does have rules about what you do with their products.  It's best to follow those rules, especially if you are selling what you make.  It's always important to know what the policy of a company is before you head into a big project only to be asked to cease and desist!  

I thought it would be fun little thing to do with these candies for a friend who's birthday is coming up.  I used a container from the retired "Build a Brad" set.  I'm sure you can find other containers or you can use some of the Sizzix dies to make a box type container for your candies.  And if your budget is very limited you can always put them in baggies and make a header for them too.  Anything will work, especially if the decorations are very attractive and eye catching!

These candies are SO much fun to cover and I'm looking forward to the upcoming holidays to play with them some more.  I should be buying a package of these candies every time I get groceries so I have plenty on hand to play with.  Making these little candy covers is not only quick but a lot of fun too!!

Have fun making them!  And try not to eat all of the chocolates!!!  I usually buy dark chocolate because I don't like it.  That way I'm sure NOT to eat a single one!!  There are over 160 weekend projects on my blog, be sure to check out the link!  It will keep you busy for LOTS of weekends!!! LOL

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Cute thanks for sharing with everyone. We always like to see new ideas. I'm having a chocolate attack so it looks so yummy!