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Monday, August 15, 2011

Herbert the Hedgehog Beaded Critter

Herbert the Hedgehog is my latest beaded creation.

I put a pin back on the belly so I can wear him on my lapel or jacket!  I honestly don't know how the idea came to me but when it did I had a lot of fun with it.  It did take me three tries to get the head right.  The first one was way to long and he looked like an anteater!  So I shortened it up a bit and it was still too long.  Third time was a charm.  I got the face/head length just right and I attached it to the body.  I was SO excited when I got it finished.  I just liked how he turned out!

I have the pattern ready for sale in PDF format for an immediate download in my web store. There are more details on this pattern at my beading blog "Just One More Bead."

I am also going to put in the store the hard copy pattern that you see to the left.  It will have to be mailed (snail mail).
I will also be adding more beading patterns to my web store in the upcoming weeks.  I need to find out why I am limited to the size of PDF file and see if I can't get that changed.

I will have a card for you to view tomorrow.  I just wanted to change things up a bit today,

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Unknown said...

Woot Woot I love Herbert he is so darn CUTE. You will have a full class I am sure of it. Such fun;)
Awesome Job on Herbert Wanda!

Anonymous said...