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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Fold Friday Bump Out Card

I'm late in posting this because of some Internet issues.  Issues have been resolved and I now have Internet access and telephone again!  I don't care so much about the phone, but take away my Internet and I'm lost!

Today's "Fun Fold" is by Priscilla Iver and you can find the link to the instructions here.

I used the "Field Flowers" set for the cover and on the far right side panel.  The rest of the images are from the "Crazy for Cupcakes" set.

I did like making this card but it did have lots of pieces to it and it was a bit time consuming.  I think what took the most time was trying to find the images I thought would look nice and fit in the space provided.

I did have a little issue with the instructions too.  I'm not sure if it was because I measured wrong or if the instructions were wrong.  I had to trim the pink piece on the angle a bit more on the right side.  And I didn't cut the white pieces 1/4" as the instructions stated.  I thought they looked just fine as they were.  I didn't think to remeasure to see if I had made the error (which is probably what I did, it sounds like something I would do!).  

I really didn't intend to make two balloons on the card but what I had in mind for one of the panels was a bit too time consuming for me. I had only so much time left to get the card done and I had to rush.  I do hate rushing with a card because I can't think clearly enough to make better decisions on what I want. What I really wanted for one of those panels is a package. I was going to cut a piece of card stock in a long rectangle and then add a layer of decorative paper.  Then I was going to take the new doily punch and cut it in half and sit it on top of the box to make it look like it's a bow.  But I ended up with 2 balloons. Which, now when I think about it, is ok because I will just put a 4 in one balloon and a 0 in the other and it's ready for the 40th birthday I was making the card for in the first place. So it all worked out after all!

It was a fun card to do and I'll have to give it another try in the next few months with maybe a Christmas or Halloween theme!

Hope you enjoyed the "Fun Fold Fridays" card.

Thank you for stopping by today,

Edited on Sunday August 14th: There was an error showing up on the link to the instructions but it is fixed now.


Unknown said...

I love this, have to give it a go today;)

"LZ" Linda Z. said...

Terrific card! I would love to try this, but the link to the instructions says Error, File 404 not found?

C.Good said...

Fabulous cand! Will you be giving out the directions on how to do this one?

Anonymous said...

I love your card as well, Wanda.
If the instructions aren't there we will have to work it out ourselves........hope the instructions are there!