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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It's Your Birthday

 Do you like quick and simple cards?  If you do, you will love making this one.  I my stash of cards I photographed, I found a sample done using a star instead of a heart.  And if I am not mistaken I am pretty sure it was one done by my fellow demonstrator Denise!

I did want to change it up a bit.  I wanted to make my colors look like they were getting darker as they moved to the right.  I love the graduated colors here.  They all seem to blend nicely together.  These circles were made using the 1-3/8" punch.

In the center of the end one I used a smaller white circle (punched from the 1-1/4" punch) I added a punched heart and on top of that heart I added a clear heart button.

The words, both front and inside are from the "It's Your Birthday" set. 

On the inside I added another circle with the words and another heart but I didn't put a button inside.  It just didn't look right, plus the card wouldn't close nicely if I did.

I know I had that card sample in a folder for a long time and when I was searching for some other photos I ran across it and pulled it onto my desktop so I could make one similar!  I do like how this card turned out but what I really liked was how quick it was to make it!

If you want a quick card, this is the way to go!

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Amy said...

very cute Wanda. I love it. I have been blogging again. Trying to do 3 times a week!

Unknown said...

I am going to CASE this one for sure, very nice!