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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Greeting Card Kids Notebook & Tiny Pencil! Weekend Project

I LOVE this time of the year!!  You can buy pencils for pennies on the dollar, notebooks, markers, papers, etc.  Last week I got these fun Mini 4" x 3-1/4" notebooks at Walgreen's.  I saw that Office Depot had some too.  I love altering these, especially this time of the year!  And now with this adorable "Greeting Card Kids" set, what a better image to put on the notebooks?  Inking up this image today made it official, I have used every image in the set.  Now how many sets can you say that about???  I don't get to say that very often.

I opted to use the boy image because there are so many things out there for the girls.  

To make the new cover of this little notebook I took Marina Mist card stock and taped it to the front and back.  Yup, you have to cover both!  Because these are so small I was able to find some scrap pieces that were big enough.  But that was just for one.  I have a few more I am going to be covering.  

On top of the Marina Mist I added a piece of card stock I stamped with the new "School Lines" image.  I colored it in with markers before I stamped on the card stock.  I trimmed it up a bit before I taped it in place.  

Next I added a Pacific Point scalloped Circle and then on top of that I added the image I cut out and colored.

And the little pencil.  Well, that was VERY easy to make.  You take a toothpick and your x-acto knife.  Set the toothpick on a surface you can cut on.  You need to determine how long you want the pencil. Set your knife blade on top of the toothpick where you want it cut at.  Roll the blade across the toothpick while gently applying pressure.  Make sure the toothpick rolls the whole 360 degrees.  You want the cut to be clean and even.  If it isn't even or a clean cut you can always sand it on an emery board.  Once it is cut then take your Daffodil Delight marker and color in the body of the pencil.  For the eraser I used Cajun Craze and for the tip, the lead part I used a black marker.  Let it dry before you handle it.  Isn't it just adorable?  I use to make bunches of these years ago when those miniature shelves and shadow boxes were popular.  I'd cut up a whole box of toothpicks and I would paint them with Apple Barrel paints and let them dry.  As they were drying I would take tiny wooden candle cups and paint them and when they were dry I'd add a bow to the front of them and then glue in the "pencils" with the points up.  I sold TONS of those things way back then.  Anyway, that is how you make this cute pencil!  Such a fun embellishment!

This was a very fun project and it is something that the kids can participate in too.  Let them decorate the covers of their on notebooks.  A personal touch is always nice!

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Margaret said...

What a cute project to make. I love altered things.

Mary said...

Who would of thought to do that to a toothpick, great idea and thanks for sharing it too!