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Friday, August 05, 2011

Fabulous Florets Fun Fold Fridays

I thought I would start a "Fun Fold Fridays" post.  I want to have different folds to share with you each Friday.  That way it gives you all weekend to play with them!  This one is very fun and a bit more intense than most folds but yet it's still easy enough to do and did I mention that it was fun too??

The most important part of making these fun envelopes is that your paper has to be square.  I found the directions for this here and somewhere on the net I had a bit of help tweaking it to work with the decorative paper but I don't remember the blog I was at.  The computer was done doing it's uploading/upgrading of something and I had shut down everything so it could reboot and forgot where I was at. 

So, to begin, I like to use decorative paper.  Card stock is a bit too thick to make this work well.  Though I do think if you follow the instructions in the link exactly, it may work.  I have seen how to do this a bit differently (not much) but enough to make it a more workable piece.  

I started out with an 11" x 11" piece of decorative paper.  You will be folding it in half the long way as shown in step #2 on the link.  Now because we are doing this a little bit differently, if your decorative paper is printed on both sides you will need to decide which side you want for your envelope.  You will be folding it in half the long way as shown in step #2 on the link with the color you want on the outside.  Use a bone folder to make very sharp folds.

Next you will be scoring the triangle.  On that long fold score at 3" and 5-1/2".  Flip it and score the other side the same.  And you will need to score the tip (the one does not have a fold in it) and you will be scoring it parallel to the bottom fold.  Score the tip (this is the flap of the envelope) at 3-1/2" making sure the folded edge is straight on your scoring mat/pad.  Notice the two tiny little scored triangles at the top on both the right and left sides?  You are going to clip those off.

Now fold all of your score lines towards the center (one at a time).  Be sure to make them nice and sharp and straight too!

Once you are done scoring you will open up those little triangles on each end.  You can refer to step #9 to see how that is done.  You are just bringing that inside point to the center point while opening up the small “pocket” at the same time.  Line it up evenly and use a bone folder to make the edges nice and sharp.  Repeat this for the other side.  If you don’t then the envelope won’t close right, that point will be too long for the inside of the envelope.  

Fold one side in and then the other on top of that.  You will see a small square pocket in the front and this is where the top flap goes to keep the envelope shut. Use your bone folder on the folds again to get them all nice and flat.

The top flap has two pieces.  Tape any edges down that you want.  Be careful not to tape shut the little square that the flap fits into.  And yes, your little square where the flap goes into will be off center, you did nothing wrong.  

You are now ready to decorate it as you wish!  Hope you enjoyed my first "Fun Fold Friday".  Check back every Friday to see what else I found for you to fold up!!!

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gailwoo said...

Fun fold! Can't wait to try this for mynext card swap! Thanks for sharing the crystal clear directions!
Gail/San Francisco

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - but way to much work for me!!!!! LOL
Thanks for sharing.