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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lucky Shamrock Candy Bag Weekend Project

Here is a fun way to whip up some "Lucky Shamrock" candies for your friends, co-workers, customers or even for the kids!!! Including hubby!  I made this for my hubby!  Hopefully he won't see this post before St. Patrick's Day but if he does it's ok, it's not like it's Christmas and I'm showing his gifts on here!!

To make this I used the "Lucky Shamrock" download.  I opened up the image and set it on the page.  First I printed it out at a size that I could punch out the center with a 1" punch.  It's very easy to do it and it really doesn't waste that much ink. Just be sure when you print you start out with one on the page and print it in a draft mode so it uses very little ink.  Then check the size of it with your punch or with the catalog the original image is from.  Once you are happy with the size fill the page with the number of them you need.  I needed 8 for punching out the shamrock and one more for the header. 

Once I got them printed and punched out I punched out eight 1-1/4" circles out of Garden Green and taped them with Glue Dots to the foil candies.  The Glue Dots seem to stick the best to that foil.  Then I taped the single shamrocks on top of the green circles.  I set them aside and went back to the computer to work on the background of the "Top Note" Sizzix die piece.  I deleted all of the shamrocks on the page and then I just shrunk the shamrock down to a small size. I printed out one to see if I was happy with the size. And luck was on my side, I liked how it looked.  So I did a copy and paste and kept adding the image until the page was full enough so I could fit it on my "Top Note" die.  I printed it out on card stock and then cut it to fit on the "Top Note" die.  I also cut out a piece of Garden Green on the "Top Note" die.  I trimmed the printed image so the Garden Green piece would be the border.  I scored both pieces in the center and then I taped the printed piece to the green piece. 

Next I got a little zip baggie that measures 3" x 5" (these work the best with the "Top Note" headers) and I filled it with the candies. I took the "Top Note" header and I stapled it in place.  Now I ALWAYS staple these type bagged "thing" backwards.  I am covering the staple with the scallop so when I staple it backwards, the back will have the smooth part of the staple and the front will have the bumps. And of course those bumps will be covered with the scallop image and the back of the header is nice and smooth.  Plus you don't have to think about one of those bumps catching on anything, including a finger if it didn't staple nicely!

Before attaching the scallop I added three little pieced of ribbon loops to the back, then I taped it in place and VIOLA, it was done!  This is something the kids can help work with you on too (if you let then in your workroom that is!!!).

I'll leave it on my worktable, hubby will probably not see it and if he does I'm sure he won't think it's for him!!

Have fun making someones day with a candy treat bag!!

Thank you ever SO much for visiting today,

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