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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Birthday Bakery Birthday Card

I just LOVE this Hostess Level 1 "Birthday Bakery" set. These cakes all in a row are on a single stamp. SO glad of that, I'm not that good at getting everything lined up evenly!

This card was made by my fellow DIVA Julianne. Her choice for the punch swap was border punches. I LOVE them both. This is just a cute, cute, cute card!

This swap was great because we got not only a variety of cards but ones for a variety of occasions. I really thought since it was so close to Valentine's Day that most of us would be making Valentine cards. I think there were only two or three. I still have one more Valentine's Day card to show you but it can also be used for other occasions too. I will probably show it to you later in the week since I will be finishing up some of my own creations tonight. I have been doing laundry ALL day! I stripped down the bed in the spare bedroom. Right down to the dust ruffle. We took the mattress and the box spring off so I could vacuum under it well. I find that easier than to try to move the whole bed. I got it all vacuumed and now I'm waiting for the dust ruffle to dry. I had bought a new one a few months back and waited until I had time to take the bed apart since the dust ruffle goes on between the mattress and box spring. It will be so nice to have that room all freshened up. A jump on my spring cleaning!!! It would be great for spring to come and all I had left were windows!!! Wishful thinking! But one never knows now do they? I'm in a cleaning mode (that's mode, not mood!!). I've been making some headway in our den and it feels great. I'd like to be done sorting out stuff in that room by the end of April. It's slow going because I have stuff in there I am working on and I get distracted by other shiny objects!!! LOL I just have too many things going on right now and I need to get better organized so I can do things at a slower less stressful pace.

Anyway, this is a fabulous card that Julianne made and I can't wait to give it to my sister for her birthday this month. But then again it's one of those cards I REALLY don't want to part with so I may end up making her a different one. UGH! See what I mean? When will the "less stress" happen?

Thank you Julianne for letting me share your card with everyone!

And thank you SO much for stopping by today,

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