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Monday, March 07, 2011

An Apple Blossom Birthday!

I think this "Apple Blossom" set is such a fun one.  It's a level 2 Hostess set so it's not all that difficult to get your hands on one!!!  I have not played with it much and was hoping to now that I'm going through some of these stamp sets and seeing what I've been missing out on!!!  I need to learn not to buy so many!!  But is there such a thing as "so many"?  LOL

I also love the layout of this card.  It's one of those that allows you to just add a few words inside, unless you want your writing to show below that folded part.  

When I make cards like this it's pretty much guaranteed that I will tape the entire back of that front focal piece.  And I don't realize I did it until I get it set in place and I press down on it.  I go to open it and guess what?  It's stuck shut!!!  EVERY time!!!  I have made LOTS of cards using this layout and you'd think I'd remember by now not to do that. But no!!!  EVERY time!!  Grrr! I end up having to take off the white piece and add another back layer (Basic Black on this one)!

This is just a clean, short and sweet looking card.  It's one of those that would be great as a Make n Take (be sure to remind them NOT to tape the whole focal piece!!! LOL).  Oh and this card is very easy to make too! 

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PepPop said...

Love the fresh colours on this one Wanda. Lovely card. Jaqui x