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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Stitches Designer Fabric Pin Cushion Weekend Project

I just hate tossing "stuff" out that I think I can use someday!  I have several boxes full of things like that.  Today I decided to play with one of those pieces of "stuff" in the box.  I took out an empty Stampin' Up! accessories container.  I'm not sure what was in this container or if this was one I purchased.  I am leaning more towards a purchased one because it had "Stampin' Up!" stamped on the top. 

I had the Sweet Stitches fabric sitting out and thought I would merge these two items together.  I had the fabric sitting out because I thought it would be fun to make a pin cushion with it.  Then I ran across this container and this is what I came up with. A pin cushion that also holds my buttons, threads, needles, etc.  A traveling pin cushion!

To make this you will need the following items:

2 small buttons (I used the Brights Designer buttons)
Sewing needle
White card stock
scrap copier type paper
2 buttons
Glue Stick

First I cut/punched out 7 circles measuring 2-1/4" out of card stock and one out of scrap paper.  Next I used the glue stick and stuck 6 of those circles together.  I set a weighted object on top of it and let it dry overnight.  I wanted to make sure it was nice and dry so it wouldn't warp when I put the pin cushion together.  I cut out a 4" circle of fabric.  I took the circle cut out of copier paper and folded in half and then folded it in half once more.  This was done so I could find the center of the glued stack and single piece of white card stock.  Next I took the piercing tool and poked a hole in the center of the glued circles, a hole in the single piece of card stock and a hole in the cover of the container. 

Stitch around the piece of fabric and add the fiberfill.  Before pulling the threads tight add the glued circle.  Now pull the threads tightly and tie off.  On a 10" to 12" piece of thread, run the needle through the hole in the glued card stock and come out through the top of the pin cushion.  Add your pretty button and sew back through the fabric to the hole in the glued circle.  Sew back through to the top one more time and back through to the circle.  Insert the needle in the hole in the center of the lid and next in the hole of the single piece of card stock.  Add the next button and sew back through to the top. You may have to feel around a bit with the needle to find the opening.  Sew back through the lid part and repeat this one more time.  Pull the thread tightly.  Hold the top button while pulling tightly and continue to hold this until you are completely finished with the lid.  Next, wind the thread 3 or 4 times around the button in the inside of the lid. Loosely wind it around one more time and slip the needle in the circle the thread created and pull tight.  You can add a dot of glue if you want.  Winding the thread around the button and a single knot should hold it securely. 

You now have an adorable pin cushion and the wording stamped on the cover is no longer visible.  This is great for those containers with labels on them that just won't come completely off! 

Fill it with sewing "stuff" and it's ready to use, toss in the car or give away as a gift!

These would be great for Stamp Camps or a fun Make n Take too.  I am thinking about making a few for the fall craft fair.  They are SO inexpensive to make too!

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Unknown said...

Oh, this is great. Going to have to give some of this fabric a try;) Very pretty.