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Monday, April 19, 2010

Warhol Technique

I thought it was time for another technique page. I am no longer showing the pages like I did in the past. I decided to actually use the technique on a card so you can see better how they are used. I will still be making the pages in the same format as I have in the past but I will not be posting them on here.

I needed a few get well cards this week. One is VERY late and I'm trying to get caught up here. So I thought I would have some fun with this technique and make a get well card at the same time.

I used the Stampin' Up! "A Flower for All Season" set to do this technique. This technique involves taking an image and repeating it on different colored backgrounds. It can be set up in a square as I have done here or it can be set side by side to make it look more like a filmstrip. Either way it makes a wonderful card. Andy Warhol was famous for using this type of imagery. You can Google him and see a lot of his work and maybe even get inspired!

I still have a few more of the technique pages left in the third set if you are interested. Please email me here.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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bernietom47 said...

Love this card and I love this technique as I do all the others you have shared.
I found your blog a few days ago and I‘ve been tied to the computer ever since. (My husband thinks I’m ill because I haven‘t been moving for hours on end.) I’ve looked at every post. I haven’t read them all but I have read a good many.

Like you I try to find a second use for everything before tossing it into the recycle bin so I am thrilled with all your tips for using cans, jars etc.

I just knew there had to be a way to get around buying a Cuttlebug machine. Every time I walk into a craft shop I lust over them but just can't justify purchasing one. Who knew a rolling pin was the answer! THANK YOU ever so much for sharing this!