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Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's Wabbit Season! No Foolin'

Hope you're aren't getting or pulling too many pranks today. I often wonder how those got started on April 1st. What is so significant about that day to play jokes on people? I suppose I could Google it but I'm really not that curious! I'll just ponder that question each year! LOL

So onto this post. Every time I see carrots I think those infamous words by Elmer Fudd, "it's wabbit season." Cartoons I grew up with that are not on tv much at all anymore. Hmmm, do you think they were a bit too violent? I even let our child watch them when he was little. They were funny and he never repeated any of the "dangerous" stuff. Though he could hardly get his hands on some of that wonderful Acme equipment Wile E. Coyote had! I heard a comedian once ask, "if the coyote could afford all that stuff from the Acme company, how come he just didn't buy dinner?" LOL

Anyway, back to the carrot here. Isn't it cute? This is what we made at the Stamp Share WAY back at the end of January. I had it sitting out and forgot all about sharing it with you all. I've seen them on many blogs since then. They are a very popular little item plus they are easy to make. They were SUPER easy for us to make them because Terri had everything all punched and cut out for us!

The orange part is the Stampin' Up! "Scallop Circle" Sizzix die. You form a cone and tape it shut. We held it closed by using a brad. I don't think tape would hold for very long. Glue would but tape . . . . I don't think I'd go that route. We used the Scalloped Oval punch for the greens on the top of the carrot. They are taped in place. The words are from the "Well Scripted" set. One of my favorite word sets! The ribbon is tied in a bow and taped in place with a Dimensional. This carrot was stuffed with some crinkled papers. You can drop a gumball or a gumdrop in the pointed part of the cone and fill it up with candies or whatever you'd like.

Isn't it just the cutest thing? And seriously, even if you had to cut out the pieces yourself, it is a very quick item to make!

Thank you Terri for a fun project! (She's always got such fun stuff for us to do).

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jimlynn said...

Very cute! I also think of Elmer!!!

lisa808 said...

Cute carrot!